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CBR Testing Machine

CBR Testing Machine

CBR Testing machine (California Bearing Ratio) helps in determining California bearing ratio through conducting load penetration test under laboratory conditions. The California bearing ratio test is performed as penetration test that assists in evaluation of sub-grade strength of pavements and roads. 

The results achieved through these tests are used I combination with empirical curves for determining thickness of pavement as well as its component layers. As a most widely used process for designing of flexible pavement, CBR test is most commonly used for designing thickness for highways and airfield pavement after evaluating strength of -
  1. Sub grade soil
  2. Sub base
  3. Base course material

The test is performed through -
  • Measuring pressure needed for penetrating soil sample with plunger of standard area
  • Measured pressure is further divided by pressure required so as to achieve equal penetration on standard crushed rock material
Significance of Test :
CBR tests find use in evaluating and designing of flexible pavement components like base and sub-base course, sub-grades as well as for other applications like un-surfaced roads. Incase if CBR is directly used for evaluation or design, then the test is conducted under any of the following conditions :

  • When saturation degree is 80 % or greater
  • When material is coarse grained and cohesion less so that the same is not affected significantly through changes in water content
  • When soil is not modified through construction activities during two years preceding test
Target Industry :
  • Housing/industrial
  • Roads
  • Mining industry
  • Cement industry
  • Construction industry
Test Features & Advantages :
  • CBR method adapts quickly to airfield pavement design for immediate use in comparison to any other method
  • Allows testing soil using simple, portable equipment
  • Tests can be run on field or in laboratory
  • Test performed for design, construction control as well as evaluation of existing construction
  • Test primarily intended for sub-grades but can also be used for wide range of different materials
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