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Chain Testing Machine

Chain Testing Machine - Tension and Chain Pooling

Chain Testing Machines - Tension and Chain Pooling

Chain Test - Tension and Chain Pooling testing machine understands Chain Test - Tension and Chain Pooling parameters. The testing is done for proof test as well as destructive tensile tests and feature high loading accuracy as well as infinitely variable straining speed that make these tests suit wide material range. 

The testing machine comes with continuous roll auto graphic recorder for loading elongation graphs. Further, with durably constructed loading frames and simple controls, these are also easy to operate. Coming with adequate safety devices that allows for safe operations, the equipment is in conformance to various international standards.

Significance of Test:
  • The test is conducted for providing valuable combination of accurate measurements as well as drivetrain conditions
  • The test assists in evaluating very small differences in efficiencies of lubes, chains
  • The test is suitable for detecting friction forces in chains
  • The test helps in determining ASTM specification of steel chain being tested
  • The test measures frictional losses in chain
Target Industry :
  • Automobile industry
  • Bicycle industry
  • Material handling industry
Test Features & Advantages:
  • Provides for higher accuracy in regard to chain efficiency data
  • Suitable for testing chain compatibility in different industry sectors like automobile, bicycle, material handling
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