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Computerized Universal Testing

III: Computerized Universal Testing Machine, Servo Con

III: Computerized Universal Testing Machine, Servo Con
'ETS' COMPUTERIZED UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINE(SERVO-CONTROLLED) The Universal Testing Machine shall be able to perform the following tests for a wide variety of materials and components:-
  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • Shear
  • Flexural
  • Low Cyclic Test

The system includes:
  • Loading unit
  • Measure and Control unit
  • Operation unit
  • Testing Jig
  • High precision loading cell
  • Extensometers(Optional)
  • Transformer (Optional)
  • Software
  • Data processing software for tensile and compression test compatible with Windows Operating System.
  • Data Processing Unit

Technical Specification:
1)Loading Unit
  • wo column loading frame and of floor type
  • Loading method by high resolution digital AC servo motor
  • The capacity : 10 to 10,000 KGF/ KN equivalent.(tension and compression mode)
  • The effective test width : 400 mm or more
  • The crosshead clearance : 1000 mm or more
  • Maximum speed : upto 500 mm/min or more

2) Measure And Control Unit
  • The crosshead speed range from 0.001 to 1000 mm/min with accuracy of ±0.1%.
  • The crosshead return speed 500 mm/min or more and shall have auto-return function.
  • The crosshead stroke measurement shall be by means of optical encoder.
  • The crosshead stroke display resolution should be at least 0.001 mm
  • The crosshead control shall consist of single test control, cycle test control and manual test control

3) Operation Unit
The operation unit must come with Desktop PC or LCD touch-screen(optional) for
efficient system control and test results display.
The operation unit shall have the following function: -
  • Test Force Calibration Function
  • Break Detection Function
  • Automatic Read Function For Load Cell Characteristic Value
  • Peak/Break Value Display Function
  • Cycle Figure Display Function
  • Test Condition File Function, minimum 15 files.
  • Real Time S-S Curve Display.

4) Testing Jig
Tensile Test Device
The following devices shall be supplied to perform tensile test:
  • Wedge type grips Flat and Round specimens.
  • Compression Test device

The following devices shall be supplied to perform compression test:
  • A pair of fixed type 100 mm diameter compression plate

5) Load Cell
The load cell supplied shall have the accuracy of 1.0% of indicated load

6) Extensometer(Optional)
The extensometer shall give more accurate measurement of elongation Strain gauge/LVDT type one touch extensometer gauge length 50 mm.

7) Software
The software shall have the following features:
  • The software shall support latest window based operating system.

The software shall comprise with the following test:-
  • Tension
  • Compression
  • Three-point Bending
  • Four-point Bending
  • Peel
  • Friction
  • The software shall have real time curve plot.
  • The software shall have data analysis mode.

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