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Creep Testing Machine

Creep Testers (Both Tension Creep and Compression Creep)

Creep Tester serves both Tension Creep Testing and Compression Creep Testing and is part of commonly used experiment that is performed for determination of working efficiency and stability of the material. The machine creates creep curve that showcases the level of pressures and stress tested material can handle as well as also calculates stress rate, time and pressure. 

Different applications Creep testing has in the industry include:
  • To check for displacement (Commonly used in turbine rotors in jet engines)
  • To check for rupture (Used for products like high pressure tubes)
  • To check for stress relaxation (Used for products like cable wires and bolts)

Creep Stages :There are three different stages of creep 
  • Primary Creep
  • Steady State Creep
  • Tertiary Creep

Significance of Test :
Creep comprises progressive deformation stage that can be seen upon applying constant stress. The creep rates find usage in evaluating right range of materials for jet engines, ovens, boilers, gas turbines where the understanding of metal’s behavior at high temperatures is useful for designing failure resistant systems.
Target Industry :
  • Turbine rotors manufacturing for jet engines
  • High pressure tube manufacturing units
  • Cable wires manufacturing
  • Bolt manufacturing
Test Features & Advantages :
  • Data generated using creep & creep-rupture test allows for predicting creep modulus as well as strength of materials that are under constant loads
  • is also used for predicting dimensional changes occurring as result of such loads
  • Data generated from test methods finds usage in –
  1. Comparing materials
  2. In designing fabricated parts
  3. For characterizing plastics for achieving long-term performance under constant loads
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