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Digital Compression Testing Machine

Digital Compression Testing Machine

Digital Compression Testing Machine
‘ETS’ Digital Compression Testing Machine, designed to conduct compression and crushing strength tests on Containers , Concrete cubes & cylinders, hollow blocks and various other materials in accordance with Indian and/or International standards.The machine is also suitable for conductin Cold Crushing Strength test on refractory specimens.

The machine is electro-hydraulically operated and is capable of accommodating test siemens upto 40 x 40 x 50 cm high depending upon machine capacity. The loading unit consists of a cross-head and base with solid pillars or channel supports connecting the base and cross-head firmly.

The Control Panel comprises of Hydraulic Power Pack, Digital Readout System, Operating Switches, Load Control Valves, Maximum Load Holding facility (Peakhold), Preset facility on load - over 10% and 90% of working range and Optional Output Print-out of Test Data and Graph.

  • Capacity ies available: From 5T (50KN) to 300T ( 3000KN).
  • Flexure Test Attachment for Concrete Beams, etc.
  • Printer Panel for printout of test data and graph.
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