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Flexure Testing Machine

Flexure Testing Machine

Flexure Testing machine comprises three and four point bending testing that in response of the material provides values for modulus of elasticity in –
  • Bending
  • Flexural stress
  • Flexural strain
  • Flexural stress-strain
The main advantage of the test comprises ease of specimen preparation as well as in conducting related testing procedures. The test method helps in measuring behavior of materials that is subjected to simple beam loading where maximum fiber stress as well as maximum strain is calculated for increments of load. 

With achieved results plotted in stress-strain diagram, flexural strength here is defined as maximum stress in outermost fiber and is calculated at surface of specimen on convex/tension side from slope of stress vs. deflection curve. The testing is generally done on relatively flexible materials including polymers and composites.

Significance of Test :
Flexure test helps in producing tensile stress in convex side of specimen as well as compression stress in concave side which creates area of shear stress along midline.
Target Industry :
  • PVC/ABS pipes industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Polymer industry
  • Metal wire industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Aeronautical industry
  • Construction industry
Test Features & Advantages:
  • Flexural test assists in measuring force needed for bending beam under three point loading conditions
  • Data generated is used for selecting materials for parts supporting desired loads without flexing
  • Process used as indication of material’s stiffness in event of being flexed
  • Ensuring components, materials as well as products are fit-for-purpose
  • Reducing material costs and achieving lean manufacturing goals
  • Compliance with industry standards
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