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Hand Operated Testing Machine

Hand Operated Compression Testing Machine

Hand Operated Compression Testing Machine
Hand Operated Compression Testing Machine is a simple kind of machine designed to test the compressive strength of cement and concrete or similar materials. This machine works on hydraulic system in which the pressure is supplied through a hand operated pump like handle. Due to this, the process of testing the compressive strengths of concrete cubes becomes simple and easy.

The lower platen is on the hydraulic ram and the upper having a sphere-shaped seating is adjustable. In this machine, the load is applied through hydraulic assembly. 

Features :
  • Self-aligning platen assembly
  • High stability
  • Suitable for testing cubes and cylinders of various sizes
  • Load gauges are calibrated in kN
  • Special platens to test bricks

Technical Specifications :
  • Capacities available- 10 tonnes to 25 tonnes, 50 tonnes, 100 tonnes, 200 tonnes
  • Test concrete cylinders of 15cmdia x 30cm high (6” x 12”)
  • concrete cube mould of 15cm and 10cm
  • 6” diameter hydraulic gauge
  • Channel type load frame
  • Cubes from 50mm³ to 2000mm³ Cylinders from 100mm Ø to 300mmØ
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