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Hardness Testing Machine

Hardness Test (Rockwell hardness)

Hardness Testing machine is meant for testing Rockwell hardness and is based on indentation hardness of material and helps in determining hardness through measuring depth of penetration of indented under large load with the results compared to penetration made by preloaded.

The process includes application of minor load which is then followed by major load and noting depth of penetration. The main advantage of Rockwell hardness testers is its capability towards displaying hardness values directly, thus avoiding lengthy calculations that are part of other hardness measurement techniques.

Significance of Test :
Rockwell hardness testing works as common method for meeting the measurement demands of bulk hardness of metallic as well as polymer materials that can be then correlated directly with its characteristics in terms of –
  • Strength
  • Wear resistance
  • Other properties

The hardness testing done finds usage for material evaluation because of its simplicity as well as low cost which is relative to direct measurement of many properties. Further, it also helps in evaluating toughness as well as notch sensitivity of engineering materials.
Target Industry :
  • Engineering industry
  • Metallurgy industry
Test Features & Advantages:
  • Capability to display hardness values directly that helps in avoiding lengthy calculations that are part of other hardness measurement techniques
  • Test designed to provide complete reliability in results
  • As empirical indentation hardness test, it can provide useful information in relation to metallic materials on parameters like –
    1. Tensile strength
    2. Wear resistance
    3. Ductility
    4. Other physical characteristics of metallic materials
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