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Impact Testing Machine Plastic

Impact Testing Machine for Plastic

Impact Testing Machine for Plastic
The design of the pendulum is so efficient that it reduces the loss of energy due to pendulum Vibration. The impact range is indicated on a dial and provides direct indication of values for the capacity & there is a long scale to make it used friendly and user can read it easily. These machines are suitable for Charpy & IZOD tests for plastic and electric insulating materials.

Features :
Impact Testing Machine Model- 1.4 E Model- 0.42 E
Pendulum Impact energy 1.4 kg.m 0.42 kg.m
Angle of fall of pendulum 120 deg 120 deg
Effective weight of pendulum 4.575 kgs 1.3725 kgs
Minimum Graduation 0.01 kg.m 0.005 kg.m
Striking velocity of pendulum 2.44 m/sec 2.4502 m/sec
Distance of axis of pendulum Rotation to the point of test piece hit by the hammer 204 mm 204 mm
Max permissible loss by Friction and Windage, etc. 0.5% of max impact energy 0.5% of max impact energy
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