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Impact Testing Machines

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine
The Pendulum impact testing machine manufactured by us have very high level of accuracy and low operating cost.

The impact test performed by this machine are for metallic materials. The test consists of :
Breaking by one blow from a swinging pendulum, under conditions defined by ASTM standa
A test piece notched in the middle and supported at each end
The energy absorbed is determined in joules and this absorbed energy is a measure of the impact strength of the material

Features :
  • This testing machine is available in five models with capacities capacity range of 200 to 500 Joules
  • Pendulum Impact Testing Equipment is designed as per ASTM E-23 standard
  • This Impact tester is having Digital Display
  • This Impact tester can be connected to a printer and Test Data printout can be easily taken
  • Release of pendulum by ‘One Hand Operation
  • The Lifting arrangement of Pendulum in this tester is ‘Electro-Mechanical

Technical Data
Pendulum Impact Testing Machine Charpy Test Izod Test
Pendulum drop angle 140 85
Pendulum effective weight 20.59 Kgs. 21.245 Kgs.
Pendulum speed 5.3465 m/sec 3.844 m/sec
Pendulum impact energy 200/300/400/500Joule 2Joule/1Joule
Min. Graduation 2Joules/1Joule 825 mm
Distance of axis of hammer rotation and center of test piece point of test piece hit by hammer. 825 mm 21.245 Kgs.
Max. Permissible loss by friction & wind age, etc. 0.25 % of maximum impact energy

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine - Charpy and Izod

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine - Charpy and Izod
This Impact Testing Machine works on pendulum principle. In this test, the difference between the height of drop of the pendulum before rupture of material and the height of the rise after rupture of the specimen is directly proportionate to the impact energy absorbed by the specimen is directly indicated by the moving pointer.
Technical Data
Impact Testing MachineCharpy TestIzod Test
Pendulum drop angle14085
Pendulum effective weight20.59 Kgs21.245 Kgs
Pendulum speed5.3465 m/sec3.844 m/sec
Pendulum impact energy30 Kg.m16 Kg.m
Min. Graduation (Dial/Digital)0.2 Kg.m0.2 Kg.m
Distance of axis of hammer rotation and centre of test piece point of test piece hit by hammer825 mm825 mm
Max. Permissible loss by friction & windage, etc0.25 % of maximum impact energy

Charpy TestIzod TestImpact Tension Test
A)Impact Tension Test Angle: 30 o+/- 1 Radius of curvature : 2.05 mm Width : 18 mmA)Striking edge Angle : 75 Radius of curvature : 0.75 mm Horizontal relief : 10o Vertical relief : 5oA)Striking fork Distance between forks : 36 mm. Radius of curvature : 1 mm
B)Support : Distance between arms : 40 mm Sloping angle : 0o Relief angle : 10o Radius of curvature : 1.25 mmB)Support:For gripping specimen with dimension of 10 x 10 mmB)Support : For clamping specimen with dimensions of following Diameter : 6.4 mm Length (total) : 68 mm Length (measuring) : 25.4 mm Thread of supporting : m10 x 1.5
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