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Load Testing Machine

Load Testing Machine - Constant

Load Test - Constant Testing machine is based on properties of load patterns that specify how simulated user load can be adjusted during load test. Constant load pattern here finds usage for specifying user load which do not change during load test. 

Constant load types tests use weights directly for applying load as well as to measure it. Further, these load-rate test machines come with separate load and measurement units where loads are applied generally through means of hydraulic ram and are generally driven by gear-screws.

Significance of Test :
With machines or involved components failing due to fracture/excessive deformation, these tests assist designer in estimating anticipated stress as well as also help in specifying materials which can withstand these expected stresses. The stress analysis helps in indicating expected areas of high stress in machine/structure with the mechanical property tests indicating materials that may safely be employed.
Target Industry :
  • Engineering industry
  • High pressure tube manufacturing
  • Metal fabrication industry
  • Cable wires & bolts
  • Turbine motors
Test Features & Advantages :
  • Primarily used by engineers for determining stability of material as well as its behavior when put through ordinary stresses
  • The tests find usage for understanding creep of materials as well as in determining type of material that can handle the job better
  • Used for commonly testing creep of alloys as well as plastics that allows understanding product’s properties as well as advantage of one material use over another
  • Helps in measuring alteration of material after the same is put through different forms of stress
  • Machines help in arriving at conclusion as to how much strain object can handle under pressure
  • Device generates creep time-dependent curve through calculation of steady rate of creep in reference to time taken for material to change
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