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Tension Testing Machine

Tension Test (Tensile, puling,Impact)

Tension Test (Tensile, puling,Impact)
Tension Testing machine is used for testing Tensile, puling and Impact and is performed for testing tensile or tension testing through application of uni-axial force that helps in measuring performance of test sample to point of yield/breaking (be it sharp or gradual). Further, even in cases where performance to ultimate failure is not needed, these tests can help in accurately recording test characteristics like –
  • Elongation
  • Deformation
  • Relaxation

Tensile testing process also forms an important part of design and quality control so as to ensure product’s safety and integrity as well as is also used for testing consistency in area of manufacturing and construction.

Significance of Test :
The test finds usage for measuring strength of couplings & connectors, joints & crimp fastenings, textiles & stitching, industrial fixings & fasteners and others. Further, it is also used for measuring full tensile properties other than ultimate strength of material with test standards defining sample dimensions as well as standard grips and fixtures used.
Target Industry :
  • Mechanical engineering industry
  • Structural engineering industry
  • Architecture industry
Test Features & Advantages:
  • Tensile testers comprise models that can be made available with extended columns which make these suitable for highly elastic tests
  • Tensile test results provide detailed profile of –
  1. Force
  2. Extension & time
  3. Partial failure
  4. Slippage
  5. Sharp & percentage break
  • In field of materials testing, data curve of force Vs extension finds usage for determining elastic limit as well as its ultimate tensile strength
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