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Torque Testing Machine

Torque Test (Torsion, Twist, Angle of Twist)

Approx. Rs 3 Lakh / Unit(s)

Torque Testing Machine (Torsion, Twist, Angle of Twist) helps in determining how a product will react in case of its turning or twisting during operation when force is applied to it using torque. As a turning force, torque is measured in units of force that is multiplied by unit length.

These torque tests can be performed for assessing connection of two components like
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Other fasteners
  • Catheters
  • Rotational switches
  • Scopes
  • Integrity & strength of container closures
  • Checking other rotational components and devices

Significance of Test :
With torque testing involving measuring amount of torque applied to object, torque measurements generated find usage as essential tools that find usage by manufacturers for distinguishing quality assembly from poor ones. Further, torque measurements also provide information on root cause of issues identified in test where manufacturers can identify and address issues at source.
Target Industry :
  • Rotating parts like motors, engines
  • Packaging industry
  • Medical industry
  • R& D applications
  • Beverage companies
Test Features & Advantages:
  • Torque tester finds application as quality control device for testing/calibrating torque controlled tools including –
    1. Electronic torque wrenches
    2. Click torque wrenches
    3. Dial torque wrenches
    4. Electric screwdrivers
    5. Pulse tools
    6. Torque screwdrivers

  • Can measure in clockwise as well as counter-clockwise direction
  • Providing results that help in reducing material costs as well as in achieving lean manufacturing goals
  • Testers are in compliance with industry standards

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