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Universal Compression Tensile Tester

Universal Tester

Universal Tester

Approx. Rs 5 Lakh / Unit(s)

     Engineered to meet your testing needs
  • You can choose from the various materials you want to test including metal samples, concrete, rebar, tube & pipe, stranded wire, steel bar
    & plate, fasteners, wood and high strength composites, spring, Refractory,etc.
  • You can choose from the various tests you want to conduct including Tensile, Compression, Bend/Flexure, Brinell Hardness, Shear,Extensometry, etc.
  • Get on-line readings of the test, save them and print them.

Computerized Universal Testing Machine :
This machine is designed specially for determining tensile, compression, elongation, fold-resisting, bending,
adhesive, extension, flaking, shearing and other strengths using appropriate test attachments which are optional.
Functions of yield point, elasticity modulus, Young's modulus, puncture, etc. Are also available as additional options.

Specifications :
  • Structure and Base: made of steel plates and hardened surface treatment where needed. High strength, resistance of shakes.
  • Capacity: Available from 5 to 300 Ton. ( 50 to 3000KN)
  • Min Resolution: 1/10000.
  • Accuracy: ±1%.
  • Driving Method: Hydraulic System.
  • Ram Stroke(mm): from 100 to 250 depending upon machine capacity.
  • Effective Column Interval (mm): 300 to 750 depending upon machine capacity.
  • Crosshead Speed(mm/min): from 50 to 100 depending upon machine capacity.
  • Testing Speed(mm/min): from 50 to 250 depending upon machine capacity.
  • Machine weight :1500 to 4000kg depending upon machine capacity.
  • Power: 220/440V, 50HZ or as desired by customers.
  • Tension (mm): Max.Space:800, Grip for Rod and Plate.
  • Compression: Max.Space:800, Compression Plate.
  • Transverse & Bending..
    Above three specifications shall depend upon machine capacity.
    With one set of testing program software.

  • Setting range: 1~50mm/min.
  • Constant speed load control: 5~100% of full scale load
  • Constant speed strain control Range: 5~100% of full scale strain.
  • Emergency shut down button & over load protection function equipped.
  • Display of testing parameters: value and real-time curve (load, stroke or elongation).
    RAM: 256MB, Standard 1.44MB FDD*1, HARD DISK DRIVE 20 GB,Above 52 X high speed CD-ROM, CRT COLOUR MONITOR 15", Deskjet Printer.(Table for PC not included).
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